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Your vacations cozy home

Drapanias, Chania, Crete

Welcome to "Mousa Thalia" house...
Your vacation begins with us!  Relax, spend a day at the beach
or do what whatever you enjoy more.
And don't forget, Mousa Thalia  your vacations cozy home, is there waiting for you!
about the house
Mousa Thalia house, located in the village of Drapanias, was built in 1933 and operated as a shop with various uses from time to time...​
enjoy the summer
everything you need is so close to you and even more... 
like home
There is no place like home.
That's why Mousa Thalia is different...
our photo gallery
  1. Mousa Thalia
  2. Mousa Thalia
  3. Mousa Thalia
  4. Mousa Thalia
  5. Mousa Thalia
  6. Mousa Thalia
  7. Mousa Thalia
  8. Mousa Thalia
  9. Mousa Thalia
  10. Mousa Thalia